Our expertise

Real Estate Law

We tend to a clientele made up of financial institutions, investors, developers, companies, individuals and organizations in practically every field of the real estate law practice.

  • Examining real estate titles
  • Purchasing - sales and financing of commercial, residential and industrial real estate projects
  • Drafting loan agreement and safeguards to structure financing or for debt restructuring
  • Developing commercial, residential and industrial real estate projects
  • Drafting and negociating various real estate transactions: commercial leases, lease offers, sub-tenancy and leaseback agreements, undivided co-ownwrship agreements
  • Servitudes
  • Error corrections or defect in titles
  • Legal opinions

Coownership law

Our team os specialists is here to assist you in any real estate endeavour, whether you are a de veloper, a mortgage lender or even a party in a co-ownership residential real estate transaction.

  • We draft declarations of co-ownership, settlements and modifications to declarations of co-ownership
  • We offer rewrites for declarations of co-ownership
  • We draft and organize all the necessary documents to safeguard a new co-ownership
  • We assist and put together draft resolutions, meeting notices, mandates and any other significant documents
  • We help with purchases and sales of units in co-ownership

Corporate law and services

Taking into consideration your specific needs, our corporate law specialists can help you manage legal documents regarding your business or even guide you through your acquisition transactions and corporate mergers.

  • Constitution of a business corporation and status modifications
  • Name search
  • Registration in the Entreprise register
  • Corporate structure
  • Corporate statutes modifications
  • Corporate registry updates
  • Acquisitions/sales
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Liquidations and dissolutions